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Home Remodeling: Why Homeowners Love Open Floor Plans

If you have been looking into redesigning your home, you have undoubtedly discovered open floor plans. From television remodeling shows to new construction builds, open floor plans seem to be the new wave. There are multiple reasons why homeowners are choosing to transform their spaces with open-concept designs. Both for aesthetics and functionality, home remodeling has never been the same. 

Here are a few reasons why homeowners love open floor plans.

What Is an Open Floor Plan?

An open floor plan is a floor plan in home remodeling that combines two or more rooms into one. Traditionally, homes are separated by walls or a door. Open floor plans remove things that separate the room and create a larger, more cohesive space. There are multiple ways to design open floor plans. The most common way is to take away all walls so each room flows into the other. However, screen dividers and half walls can also be considered. As long as you can engage with people in multiple rooms without a barrier, you have an open floor plan. 

They Make the Home Feel Bigger

With an open floor plan, the home can feel bigger as there is no space being wasted with walls. A common issue with closed floor plans is that there are a lot of walls that can make the home feel small and separated. More square footage is being put to use when you can see your main living areas and kitchen as soon as you walk through the door. 

There Are Many Design Options

Open floor concepts are not a one size fits all ordeal. When designing an open floor plan, homeowners have the option of choosing just how open they would like their space to be. For example, if someone prefers to keep the kitchen closed off because of safety concerns with their children or if they just prefer to cook in solitude, they can do that! Entertaining spaces can be made separate from dining spaces and many other options. There are also many different options on how to divide the spaces. Some options that can be used to separate your spaces include:

  • Counters 
  • Half-walls 
  • Archways
  • Movable dividers

It Is Easier to Keep an Eye on the Kids

Homeowners with children love the option of being able to see their children from multiple parts of the house. While parents are cooking or folding their laundry, they don’t have to worry about where the children are or what they are doing. This makes it easier to host play dates and hosting in general. 

It Is Great for Hosting

Homeowners with a closed floor plan may feel the need to yell or walk from room to room in order to communicate with others in the house. Open floor plans allow sounds to travel more seamlessly, so there is no need to project your voice when talking across rooms. An open floor plan is perfect for individuals who love to entertain large groups. It makes it easy to find others and communicate across the room. It also makes setting up food and snacks on the kitchen island easy. This makes the clean-up process quicker because there is no need for the food display to leave the kitchen. 

It Brings in Natural Light

Designing an open floor plan will bring a ton of natural light into the home. By eliminating walls, natural light can flow throughout the living spaces and as far back as the next wall. Although it may seem that an open floor plan would affect the energy efficiency of your home, it actually does the opposite. They allow for more even temperature control and take some stress away from the HVAC system. Instead of heating and cooling multiple small rooms, your HVAC system will have one large space to work with. 

It Increases the Value of Your Home

Open floor plans are highly sought after in the home-buying marketplace. This means that when it comes time to sell your home, you can receive more bang for your buck. An open-concept home makes it easy for homeowners to plan their design around when purchasing a home. It is also an added benefit that they will not have to worry about knocking down walls and doing too much work in regard to home renovation. 

Open Floor Plans Are Multi-Functional

Open floor plans are functional, as noted by the previous bullets. They work well with outdoor spaces and can be mixed and matched to every homeowner’s preference. They make it easy for individuals to move between indoor and outdoor spaces. If entertaining in the backyard, it is helpful to be able to place things back where they belong quickly. It also makes it easy to switch between spaces if your party starts to get rained on. 

Additionally, your rooms do not have to be used for its traditional purpose. If it serves your family better to have barstools on the kitchen island and use the dining room as a play area, that can be done. 

Open Floor Plans Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Open floor plans can enhance the look and feel of your home. All of the features you may not have noticed before can shine in an open floor plan. Homeowners can choose where they want the attention drawn when people walk into the room. It could be the beautiful backsplash that you custom-designed or the beams and archways that bring out the natural character of your home. It can be rewarding to show off all the intricate details you love about your home. 

Home Remodeling in Ashburn, VA

If you are interested in designing your dream open floor plan in Ashburn, VA, contact our Fresh New Build team. We can go over all of the options that are available for you. We will walk you through the design process and provide you with information regarding what is required at every step. Contact our team now if you are ready to transform your home into a space you love.

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