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Residential Remodeling: Is a General Contractor Necessary?

When remodeling a home, the expenses can begin to add up quickly. From materials to labor, the bill can start to get overwhelming. Homeowners may begin thinking about ways to cut back on costs. One of these ways may be to reduce the number of people working in the home. Out of the many tradespeople and professionals, here is why a general contractor is one of the most essential parts of every remodeling project. 

What Is a General Contractor?

A general contractor is responsible for overseeing and managing the successful completion of a remodeling project. They ensure that the project progresses by dealing with the various contractors involved in the process, taking that responsibility away from the homeowner. 

As specified in the name, a general contractor is not specialized in only one trade. Unlike a plumber, electrician, carpenter, or other specified tradesperson, general contractors oversee every aspect of construction. They are involved in every part of the home renovation or remodeling from start to finish. This is a massive benefit for homeowners as it leaves no room for confusion and strengthens communication between everyone involved. 

What to Expect From A General Contractor

When hiring a general contractor, homeowners can expect to be catered for in ways they may not have thought of before. General contractors wear a number of different hats and offer complete overhead services. Depending on the project, some duties of a general contractor may include some of the following:

  • Outlining a budget and timeline for the project.
  • Hiring and assigning subcontractors.
  • Ensuring building permits are attained.
  • Being a point of contact between the homeowner and workers on the project 
  • Managing payment to all subcontractors
  • Managing the ordering of materials

Why You Need A General Contractor

Whole house remodeling or renovation can be overwhelming for those who are not experienced. Long-term projects can be extended far past the deadline without someone ensuring that everything is moving in the right direction. It is essential to know what work needs to be done, what permits are required, and how long the work will take. A general contractor can answer all of these questions. 

Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor

The right general contractor can simplify the process of remodeling. Hiring a general contractor has been known to have numerous benefits because of the expertise, professionalism, and organization they bring to the job. 

Here are a few benefits of hiring a general contractor for home remodeling. 

Do the Job Right the First Time

Large remodeling projects involve many subcontractors and intensive planning. The timeline can be extended past the estimated completion date if everything is not done in the proper order.

Attempting to complete a large project alone can bring satisfaction if it is completed successfully. However, if unsuccessful, the project can be left unfinished for years. Errors made by DIY homeowners can become even more expensive to fix. For this reason, it would be beneficial to hire a professional to complete the project the right way from the beginning. 

Additionally, a general contractor is familiar with how a project should flow in order to be completed efficiently. They will know what parts of the project should be completed first instead of randomly bouncing from one side of the home to another. 

Save Time and Money

With a budget in mind, a general contractor will know how to properly allocate it across the project. Large home improvement can become costly. This is why general contractors are skilled in juggling multiple parts of the project and finding the most cost-efficient ways to complete the project. 

General contractors will ensure that everyone gets paid on time. They will also order the best materials for the homeowner’s budget and schedule the project in a way that makes sense to the timeline given. 

All of these advantages will guarantee that the homeowners and workers remain satisfied.

Take Advantage of Your General Contractor’s Network

Because of the nature of their work, general contractors often build relationships with various subcontractors and laborers who specialize in all the services needed for a home remodeling project. General contractors will likely have preferred companies who come as a package deal. This is an advantage because homeowners will not need to go out and find their own plumbers or electricians, saving them time and money. 

A general contractor will likely get the best prices on materials and services because of the relationships they have built throughout the year. Homeowners can take advantage of the relationships that general contractors have built and overall have a better home remodeling experience. 

Take a Step Back

Home remodeling comes with a lot of responsibility and liability. Handing over the reins of a remodeling project to a general contractor allows homeowners to take a step back and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their project is in good hands. 

Homeowners can rely on their general contractor to ensure safety and hold liability if anything goes wrong. In a perfect world, there would be no accidents on job sites. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. If someone is injured or damage is caused to a home, general contractors ensure that everything and everyone is covered by insurance. 

Additionally, general contractors are familiar with building codes and will ensure that each project is completed in compliance. This will prevent trouble when it becomes time for a home inspection in the future. 

Hire an Experienced General Contractor to Remodel Your Home in Ashburn, VA

If you are interested in hiring a general contractor to remodel your home in Ashburn, VA, Fresh New Build is here to help. Call today to go over all the options that are available for you. From planning your project to installing the last tile, our general contractors will be available to ensure that your project flows smoothly. We will walk you through the design process and provide you with information regarding what is required at every step of the way. Contact us today if you are ready to transform your home into a space you love.

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